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    Mathematics and Physics


    The LMH Mathematics and Theorical Physics program (Maths-Physics) organizes the development and the diffusion of links between mathematics and physics on the perimeter of Paris-Saclay University and the Polytechnic Institute of Paris.


    • Finances scientific events (conferences, symposia, schools ...). Your funding request is to be filed here
    • Organizes the Séminaire Itzykson, each session of which deals with a "hot" topic in mathematical physics
    • Finances invitations to foreign scientists, for periods of 1 to 3 months. Your funding request is to be filed here
    • Finances 2nde semester course in "Mathematics on randomness M2" (in 2017 : Timothy Budd, " Annalytic combinatorics and applications", in 2018 and 2019 : Bertrand Eynard, "Matrices aléatoires")
    • S'associe à l'organisation des Journées Cartes, des journées trimestrielles ayant pour thème les cartes aléatoires, un thème à la charnière entre physique mathématique, probabilités et combinatoire
    • Finances post-doctoral scholarships
    • Finances doctoral sholarships


    PLEASE NOTE: all funding requests will be examined at the next LMH Steering Committee meeting. Applications arriving before Thursday of the week preceding the Committee will be examined. See calendar of meetings of the Steering Committee


    Coordinators : Sylvain Ribault (IPhT/Saclay) et Nathanaël Enriquez (LMO, Orsay)