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    Mathematics for life sciences

    The LMH Mathematics for Life Sciences (Math-SV) program supports and organizes the growth of the mathematics at the interface with life sciences (biology, ecology, medicine) on the perimeter of Paris-Saclay University and the Polytechnique Institut of Paris. It covers both the training and the research with the 3 objectives:

    To build a world-renowned research center on mathematics at the interface with life sciences,

    To train first-rate mathematicians (on modeling, numerics, statistics, etc) aware of the main concepts and challenges in biology and ecology,

    To strengthen, at the scale of our community, biotechnological innovation on the Saclay campus by a high-level scientific environment.


     PLEASE NOTE: all funding requests will be examined at the next LMH Steering Committee meeting. Applications arriving before Thursday of the week preceding the Committee will be examined. See calendar of meetings of the Steering Committee