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    The graduate program

    The LMH Doctoral Training program financially supports the Hadamard Mathematical Doctoral School (EDMH). It helps to detect and make visible young talents through its actions.



    For PhD students

    •  Proposes doctoral grants   for 3 years

    •  Contributes to the funding of international research stays of one to two months for doctoral students, as part of the Junior Scientific Visibility Program

    •  Contributes to the funding of individual missions of doctoral students to events with high doctoral training content, such as a summer school, conferences with series of mini-courses, etc. as part of the Vivaldi Doctoral Training Program

    •  Finances months of thesis extensions. Any request must be made by the doctoral student during the 3rd year interviews or to the assistant director concerned at the latest at the end of May 2020


    For organisers

    PLEASE NOTE: all funding requests will be examined at the next LMH Steering Committee meeting. Applications arriving before Thursday of the week preceding the Committee will be examined. See calendar of meetings of the Steering Committee.