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    Sharing our values

    Created in 2011, the FMJH serves a mathematical community whose history dates back to the early 1960s with the arrival of the IHES in the Chevreuse Valley, the creation of a mathematics department in Orsay and then a mathematics center at the Ecole Polytechnique. Scientific Excellence and Openness to the world are the founding values of this community, which from the outset has taken the most prestigious international institutions as its model, and has counted among its ranks immense figures in mathematics, visionaries in their discipline and advocates of noble values such as Humanism. It is from this family that the FMJH was born. It naturally inherited its values, while adding the one that allowed this family to grow: Cohesion. Today, the FMJH cultivates with pride the values of the mathematicians of Paris-Saclay who work together to forge the future without forgetting their history.

    FMJH Actuality

    PAF Spécial - TV78 - La chaîne des Yvelines

    In this special issue, Patrice Carmouze interviews four mathematicians and professors from the University of Paris-Saclay, on the occasion of the latest Shanghai ranking giving Paris-Saclay the number one position in the world in mathematics.

    Graphic charter & Logos FMJH

    The FMJH graphic charter presents our different logos to be used, the rules of use, the typography and the colorimetry.

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