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    Team : Role

    FMJH is governed by a board of trustees, a scientific committee, a steering committee and an executive committee. The role of the team is to implement the decisions of these bodies.

    Pascal Massart

    Isabelle Jasinowski
    Operational Director

    Pierre Pansu
    Deputy Director

    Mathilde Mougeot
    Deputy director
    In charge of firms

    Josselin Garnier
    Deputy director
    In charge of Labex


    Magali Le Chaponnier
    Chief project manager for relationships with companies / Communication

    Alexandra Genesco
    Project manager for Master's and postdocs / Follows FMJH’s agreements with other parties.

    Clotilde D'Epenoux
    Employed by University Paris-Saclay. Coordinator EDMH / Master

    Jury Chairpersons : Role

    These individuals chair juries which select applicants for scholarships, fellowships and funding.

    Sylvie Méléard
    President of the Jury Events

    Thomas Alazard
    Jury Master, PhD Track and Scientific visibility of early-career mathematicians

    Sophie Donnet
    Jury Mediation

    Benjamin Schraen
    Jury Hadamard Lecturers

    Amandine Veber
    Jury Maryam Mirzakhani Junior Award

    Yvan Martel
    Jury Post-Doc FMJH

    Aline Lefebvre
    Jury FMJHCare

    Erwan Le Pennec
    Jury MathTech

    Steering Committee : Role

    The steering committee implements the major budgetary decisions taken by the board of trustees. In addition to the directors, it includes 7 members nominated by founding institutions, 6 nominated by associated institutions (one for each laboratory), and 3 elected representatives.

    LMH’s steering committee includes in addition the LMH program's coordinators (and deputy coordinators) and 3 permanent invited guests.

    The FMJH and LMH steering committees meet at midday on Fridays up to six times a year.

    Members of Steering Committee

    Members nominated by founding and associated institutions

    • Emmanuel Ullmo - IHES

    • Frédéric Rousset - Univ. Paris Saclay

    • Anne Vaugon - Univ. Paris Saclay

    • Maria-Paula Gomez-Aparicio- Univ. Paris Saclay

    • Thomas Alazard - ENS Paris Saclay

    • Nicolas Perrin - Ecole Polytechnique

    • Sylvie Méléard - Ecole Polytechnique

    • Aline Lefebvre - CNRS

    • Julien Chiquet - AgroParisTech

    • Dimitri Zvonkine - UVSQ

    • Pauline Lafitte - CentraleSupélec

    • Stéphane Menozzi - UEVE

    • Frédéric Jean - ENSTA

    • Béatrice Laroche - INRAE

    • Mathilde Mougeot - ENSIIE

    Elected representatives

    • Estelle Kuhn


    • Pascal Massart
    • Mathilde Mougeot
    • Pierre Pansu
    • Josselin Garnier

    Scientific Council : Role

    The scientific council supervises scientific choices and suggests new activities.

    It has 20 members, at least 10 of which must not be affiliated with Paris-Saclay institutions. It meets once a year.

    Members of Scientific Council

    Membres nominated by institutions

    Nominated by founding laboratories

    • Christophe Breuil

    • Anne Moreau

    • David Renard

    • Nizar Touzi

    • Jean-Marie Mirebeau

    • Pierre Vanhove

    • Jean-François Le Gall

    Nominated by CNRS

    • Svietlana Mayboroda

    • Nalini Anantharaman

    Nominated by INRIA

    • Sylvia Richardson

    Members at large

    Elected members

    • Stéphane Robin

    • Anne Sophie Bonnet

    • Catherine Donati-Martin

    Coopted members

    • Kathryn Hess

    • Ragni Piene (chairman)

    • Alain Valette

    • Philippe Michel

    • Clément Mouhot

    • Karen Vogtmann

    • Remi Munos


    Board of Trustees : Role

    The board of trustees makes necessary major budgetary decisions.

    It is composed of 6 representatives of the founding institutions, 3 elected faculty members, and 5 external members. A representative of FMJH’s staff and the Recteur de l’Académie de Versailles are also invited to attend meetings (see "Other permanent guests" below).

    The board of trustees meets twice a year.

    Members of Board of Trustees


    Representatives of the founding institutions

    • Michel Guidal

    • Philippe Maître

    • Benoit Deveaud

    • Emmanuel Ullmo (vice-président)

    • Christophe Besse

    Elected representatives

    •  Marc Massot

    •  Elisabeth Bouscaren

    •  Agnès Desolneux

    External members

    •  Yves Berthou

    •  Valérie Kniazeff

    •  Cédric Demeure

    •  Christoph Sorger (président)

    •  Stéphane Seuret

    Other permanent guests


    • Pascal Massart
    • Isabelle Jasinowski
    • Mathilde Mougeot
    • Josselin Garnier
    • Pierre Pansu

    Representative of Staff

    • Magali Le Chaponnier

    Chairman of Scientific Council


    The representatives of the Ile de France academic region