2016 : Physique statistique hors équilibre


Le 6ème Séminaire Itzykson - maths physique - sur le thème "Physique statistique hors équilibre" se tiendra à l'IHÉS le mercredi 12 octobre 2016.

Abstracts :

  • Thierry Bodineau (Ecole Polytechnique) "Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics & large deviation theory".

The aim of this talk is to review some basic questions arising from nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and to explain why large deviations offer a suitable mathematical framework to rephrase these questions. In the simplified setting of stochastic models, we will compute the large deviations of the heat current flowing through a diffusive system maintained off equilibrium by two heat baths at unequal temperatures. We will also discuss the dynamical phase transitions which may occur for some models and the structure of the long range correlations in systems maintained off equilibrium.

  • Kirone MALLICK (CEA) "Integrability and non-equilibrium statistical physics".

During the last twenty years, a large number of exact solutions have been derived for some non-equilibrium interacting systems, such as the exclusion process, leading us to a better understanding of non-equilibrium behaviour. Integrability has played an important role in these developments. In this talk, we shall review some of the techniques involved and present a few representative results obtained in the field.

  • Milton JARA (IMPA) "Nonlinear fluctuations of interacting particle systems".

We explain how nonlinear stochastic evolution equations may emerge from interacting particle systems. In particular, we explain how the KPZ equation appears as the scaling limit of current fluctuations around its stationary state of one-dimensional, nonequilibrium conservative systems.


2016 : Feynman Integrals