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      PGMODAYS 2023

      publié le mai 9, 2023
      Mardi 28 novembre & Mercredi 29 novembre 2023 EDF Lab Paris-Saclay, Palaiseau BOOKLET OF ABSTRACTS Download booklet INVITED SPEAKERS DROBINSKI Philippe Integration of climate variability and climate change in renewable energy planning The trajectory outlined in the Paris Agreement to …

      PGMODAYS 2022

      publié le janvier 12, 2023
      PGMODays 2022 This year, the PGMO will celebrate its 10 years! 2 days with plenary lectures by invited speakers, review of the PGMO Program, PGMO PhD award ceremony and parallel sessions on PGMO main topics. and a special evening event …

      PGMODAYS 2021

      publié le février 4, 2022
      PGMODays 2021 Tuesday 30th november and Wednesday 1rst december, 2021 Invited speakers : Marco Cuturi (Google Brain) Florian Dörfler (ETH) Wolfram Wiesemann (Imperial College, London) Hande Yaman (KU Leuven) Program PGMODays Book of abstracts Marco Cuturi (Google Brain) Differentiating through …

      PGMODAYS 2020

      publié le février 3, 2022
      PGMODays 2020 Tuesday 01st december, 2020 Event online Program : Tristan Garrec, PGMO PhD Prize lecture Maturin Massias, PGMO PhD Prize lecture Online interactive poster session PGMO Projects Poster session 2020 Analysis of a two-stage probabilistic programming model - Room …

      PGMODAYS 2019

      publié le février 2, 2022
      PGMODays 2019 December 03rd and 04th, 2019 Invited speakers : Karen Aardal - Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics, Delft University of Technology Friedrich Eisenbrand - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne Rémi Munos - DeepMind Paris Shai Shalev Shwartz - …

      PGMODAYS 2018

      publié le février 1, 2022
      PGMODays 2018 November20th and 21th, 2018 Invited speakers : Noureddine EL KAROUI, Criteo AI Lab & UC, Berkeley Damien ERNST, University of Liège Brigitte JAUMARD, Concordia University Montreal Daniel KUHN, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Rekha THOMAS, University of Washington …

      PGMODAYS 2017

      publié le janvier 31, 2022
      PGMODays 2017 November 13th and 14th, 2017 Invited speakers : Aharon BEN-TAL, Technion, Tel-Aviv Roberto COMINETTI, UAI, Santiago Frauke LIERS, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg Andrzej RUSZCZYŃSKI, Rutgers Henri SANSON, Orange Program PGMODays Book of abstracts Aharon BEN-TAL (Technion, Tel-Aviv) Regaining tractability in …

      PGMODAYS 2016

      publié le janvier 30, 2022
      PGMODays 2016 November 08th and 09th, 2016 Invited speakers : Giuseppe Calafiore (Politecnico di Torino) : " Foundations and Recent Developments in Scenario Optimization " Mérouane Debbah (Huawei) : "Random Matrices for Engineering 5G" Patrick Jaillet (MIT) : "Online Optimization …

      PGMODAYS 2015

      publié le janvier 29, 2022
      PGMODays 2015 October 27th and 28th, 2015 Invited speakers : Tamás Terlaky : Mixed-Integer Second-Order Cone Optimization (MISOCO): Disjunctive Conic Cuts (DCCs) - Theory and Experiments Coralia Cartis : Regularization methods - varying the power, the smoothness and the accuracy …

      PGMODAYS 2014

      publié le janvier 28, 2022
      PGMO COPI 2014 October 28th to 31st, 2014 The Gaspard Monge Program for Optimization and operations research (PGMO), launched by EDF and the Jacques Hadamard Mathematical Foundation (FMJH), is a new type of corporate patronage whose aim is is to …

      PGMODAYS 2013

      publié le janvier 27, 2022
      PGMODays 2013 October 02nd and 03rd, 2013 Invited speakers : Arkadii Nemirovsky, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Slide Yves Smeers, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium Slide Andrea Lodi, University of Bologna, Italy Slide Marc Teboulle, Tel Aviv University, Israel Slide …

      PGMODAYS 2012

      publié le janvier 26, 2022
      PGMODays 2012 September 18th and 19th, 2012 Program PGMODays