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    Foster the emergence of mathematical talent. Strengthen mathematics at the interfaces.

    Presentation of the FMJH

    Let's talk with Pascal Massart, Director of the FMJH

    The creation of the FMJH

    With the testimonies of Yves Laszlo and Juanyong Wang.


    Testimonials on the role of the FMJH

    Saclay Sciences fondamentales


    Thèse CIFRE


    La thèse CIFRE

    Mathematicians in the company

    Yannig Goude EDF, Simon Grah Thales, Rémi Coulaud Master student, reflect on the impact of their role in the company, of the training to research in mathematics from which they benefited at the university.

    The advantages of a training in mathematics

    Entering the business world

    Careers in mathematics

    My job

    Mathematics in the company

    Yannig Goude EDF, Simon Grah Thales and Rémi Coulaud Master student talk about the evolution of the demand for mathematics in companies: emerging themes and career opportunities for young mathematicians.

    What are the prospects for the future?

    Forum Emploi Maths

    Annual national crossroads for students, companies and training in the heart of today's mathematics. The FMJH participates in the organization of this event by AMIES.

    Forum Emploi Maths

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