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    Support for scientific events

    The FMJH supports the organization of scientific events in the field of mathematics (conferences, colloquia, summer schools, etc.) within the Paris-Saclay area (or organized by mathematicians from the same area).

    In line with its action plan for professional equality, the FMJH does not wish to fund events where the proportion of women on the scientific committee, the organizing committee or among guest speakers is lower than that of the interested community. The FMJH would also like to share with event organizers its concerns on the issue of social and environmental responsibility. In particular, it is advisable to travel by train whenever possible, and to avoid short stays with air travel from distant destinations.


    Support for scientific outreach events

    As part of its annual call for projects, "Votre région fait des maths et de l'info", the FMJH supports associations based in the Ile-de-France region, whose aim is to arouse interest in mathematics or information technology among schoolchildren and the general public. Associations of the same type that are not based in the South Ile-de-France region are invited to apply to the Blaise Pascal Foundation's call for proposals, which aims to support mediation in mathematics and computer science on a national scale. However, it is possible for one of these associations to apply for one-off support for a scientific mediation event organized within the Paris-Saclay area.


    Application to support an event

    Applications to support an event (whether scientific or scientific mediation) can be submitted online: Application for an event

    Please note that applications are examined on an ongoing basis by the FMJH steering committee, which relies on the advice of a jury. To give the jury time to examine the applications, applications must be submitted at least 14 days before the next steering committee meeting. Late applications will be examined at the next steering committee meeting (see calendar).


    Subsidized events in 2023

    Maths for Scientific Computation and Engineering

    Mathematics and Theorical Physics




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