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    The FMJH's scientific policy is based on two main pillars: excellence and international scientific visibility on the one hand, and the relationship between mathematics and the socio-economic world on the other.

    Since its creation, the FMJH has been financed by the public authorities through the « plan d’investissement d'avenir", and is seeking to attract other sources of funding in order to give greater scope to the actions it undertakes, in particular to bring the worlds of academic research and business closer together.

    Targeted sponsorship

    Sponsorship is intended to help the FMJH achieve a simple objective: to encourage the emergence of young mathematical talent on the Paris-Saclay campus, with due respect for social and gender diversity, and to ensure that some of this talent finds its way into the business world.

    There is no closed list of FMJH programs open to support via sponsorship, but three programs in particular are highlighted: FMJHCare, MathTech and PGMO.


    The ethics charter

    An ethics charter defines the rules and values that the FMJH intends to share with its donors (here Magali links to the ethics charter).

    When the FMJH and a donor sign a sponsorship agreement, they de facto commit to respecting the principles and rules of this charter, which stipulates in particular that the donor must not interfere in the running of the programs and must share the FMJH's values.

    Call for support

    The FMJH is involved in a wide range of activities, some of which are expanding in response to emergencies such as the war in Ukraine in 2022, which prompted the FMJH to step up the "students in difficulty" component of the FMJH Care program. If you are a representative of a company interested in supporting some of FMJH's actions, please contact us .

    --> Note that the FMJH's status is that of a partnership foundation. As such, donations or payments made to the foundation are eligible for a 60% tax reduction, subject to compliance with the other conditions set out in article 238bis of the French General Tax Code.