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    The post-doctoral program

    Each year, the FMJH offers funding to young mathematical researchers wishing to carry out a post-doctoral stay in one of the research units within the FMJH perimeter.

    There are two types of post-doctoral grants:

    • Thematic post-docs:
      Lasting two years, they are designed to foster research in mathematics at interfaces. Each of the FMJH's thematic programs (Maths-Physics, Maths and AI, MathSV, MathCSI and PGMO) offers a post-doctoral position each year.

    • Hadamard Lecturers:
      Lasting three years, with a light teaching load (1/3 of the statutory service of an assistant professor), these positions are designed to best prepare young mathematicians to take up a permanent position in the academic world.

    The FMJH also participates in the recruitment of post-docs with European funding.

    • MathInGreaterParis post-docs:
      Together with the FSMP and LabEx Bézout, the FMJH has been awarded European Cofund funding for a post-doctoral program: MathInGreaterParis. As part of this program, the FMJH is offering 4 two-year post-doctoral grants.


    You'll find details of the various calls for applications below.

    Thematic post-docs Hadamard lecturers  MathInGreaterParis


    In addition, the FMJH is committed to animating the community of post-docs in mathematics within the Paris-Saclay perimeter (whether funded by the FMJH or not), with the aim of helping these young mathematicians prepare for their future. A number of initiatives have been launched to this end

    • The FMJH, the IHES and the FSMP have joined forces to organize an annual welcome day for post-docs from the Ile-de-France region.

    • The junior scientific visibility program offers support to post-docs in mathematics within the Paris-Saclay perimeter to carry out a research stay abroad or organize a scientific event.


    Exceptionnal Post-Doc appointment

    As part of its sponsorship program, the FMJH received the support of Microsoft Research to promote progress in an emerging field: formalized mathematics. The FMJH was thus able to finance a one-year post-doc. The laureate Kyle Miller started on September 1st, 2022 at the Laboratoire de Mathématiques d'Orsay. He left the LMO on September 1st, 2023.