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    After a successful first edition, the FMJH has decided to make these MathTech meetings a permanent feature, while evolving the concept over time if the need arises. The idea is to bring together PhD students and post-docs in mathematics with representatives from the socio-economic world for one day. The idea is to create another opportunity, based on « in vivo » testimonials, to showcase the mathematics doctorate as a passport to research or scientific management outside the academic world. A bit like the FEM at national level, these meetings are a strategic tool for the mathematics/business relationship at local level, but with a clear focus on the doctorate and the future of its graduates.

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    MathTech meetings 2024

    The FMJH organized the "MathTech meetings" on January 25, 2024 at the IHES in the Marylin and James Simons auditorium. The aim of this day was to raise awareness of corporate research among PhD students and post-docs in mathematics.


    Thank you to speakers

    Clémence Alasseur (EDF) 
    Exemples de questions de recherche sur le marché de l’énergie 

    Igor Carron (Light On)
    From massively parallel computations with light to massive empowerment with ChatGPT-like models: LightOn's unique journey. 

    Stanley Durrleman (Docteur Mémo)
    Prédiction de la progression des maladies neurogénératives: de la recherche au soin et vice versa.

    Alex Gerko (XTXMarkets)

    Jérôme Lacaille (Safran)
    Catégorisation automatique des vols pour l’aide à la conception d’un jumeau numérique de turboréacteur

    Thank you to PhD students

    Thomas Chaub, Antonin Chodron De Courcel, Gabriel Claret, Caroline Cognot, Hadrien Notarantonio for their outstandings pitches.

    Photos and a video report will be taken during the "Rencontres MathTech" day at IHES by Mandarine.  If you do not wish to be photographed, please contact us at contact@fondation-hadamard.fr or come forward on the day. These elements will be used as part of the FMJH's communication policy.


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    Programme 2024

    9h00 : Accueil café / welcoming coffee

    9h30 : Jérôme Lacaille (Safran)

    10h10 : Pitch by a PhD student - Thomas CHAUB- "Ponts entre équations mathématiques"

    10h20 : Clémence Alasseur (EDF)

    11h00 : Pitch by a PhD student - Caroline COGNOT - "Modéliser statistiquement plusieurs variables climatiques pour créer de très grands échantillons"

    11h10 : Pause / Break

    11h40 : Igor Carron (Light On)

    12h20 : Pitch by a PhD student - Antonin CHODRON DE COURCEL - "Penser en grande dimension  justification de modèles mathématiques issus de la physique statistique"

    12h30 - 14h00 : Déjeuner / Lunch

    14h00 : Alex Gerko (XTXMarkets)

    14h40 : Pitch by a PhD student - Gabriel CLARET - "Dealing with the irregular in imaging problems"

    14h50 : Stanley Durrleman (Docteur Mémo)

    15h30 : Pitch by a PhD student - Hadrien NOTARANTONIO  - "A computer algebra approach to certain enumaration probems"

    15h40 : Remise du prix Pierre Lamoure / Pierre Lamoure prize ceremony

    16h00 :  Cocktail de fin / Closing cocktail