In 2021, the FMJH has set up a "strategic think-tank". Its composition is destined to evolve, but the current version can be found below. It is made up of representatives from the socio-economic world, invited by FMJH management to sit on the group according to current issues.

It enables an exchange of views and ideas on subjects such as the match between high-level training in mathematics and the expectations of the socio-economic world, or the place of mathematics in the development of corporate research. To lead the meetings of this strategic think-tank, the FMJH can count on the expertise of Renaud Monnet (CentraleSupelec), who knows better than anyone how to establish a constructive and effective dialogue.

The FMJH is counting on its strategic think-tank to develop its patronage. The FMJH also intends to combine the opinions of the strategic think-tank with those of the Scientific Council to develop its scientific policy and programs.

Composition of the strategic think tank

  • Andreea Lachapelle (Enred)
  • Hélène Bringer (Atos)
  • Jean-Luc Beylat (Bell Labs-Nokia)
  • Céline Hudelot (CentraleSupelec)
  • Fabien Napolitano (Exail)
  • Adrien Hardy (Qube-RT)
  • Yasmina Jaidi (L’Oréal)
  • Jacques LAMOURE (Groupe Atlantic)
  • Jean-Philippe Vert (Owkin)
  • Liva Ralaivola (Criteo)
  • Julien Molez (Société Générale)
  • Olivier Bousquet (Google)
  • Valérie Kniazeff (Alcimed)
  • Victor Martin (Total Energies)
  • Vincent Petit (Metafora)
  • Xavier Lazarus (Elaia)
  • Carmen Munoz (EdF)
  • Cédric Demeure (Thales)
  • Chafika Chettaoui (Suez)
  • Patrick Pérez (Valeo)
  • Frédéric Capmas (IncubAlliance)