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    Itzykson Seminary

    Set up in 2012 at the initiative of LabEx Mathématique Hadamard (LMH), the Itzikson seminar has become the flagship event of the "Mathematics and Theoretical Physics" program (formerly of LMH and now of FMJH), which supports it. It is currently coordinated by Nicolas Curien, Thibault Damour, Maxim Kontsevich, Kirone Mallick, Stéphane Nonnenmacher and Pierre Vanhove. Each of the seminar sessions takes place at IHES. 

    Each session lasts a day. The morning is devoted to a preparatory minicourse aimed at understanding how the mathematical formulation of the physical problem was put into place, as well as providing an overview of the issues and history of the subject. The afternoon is devoted to two lectures, typically one given by a mathematician and the other by a physicist.

    The topics which have been treated in the colloquium : Quantum ChaosPlanar maps and quantum gravityWall crossing in Hitchin integrable systems, Moduli spaces and quantum curves, Feynman IntegralsOut-of-equilibrium statistical physicsResurgence and quantizationParafermionic observables and 2D statistical physics, Computational and information-theoretic phase transitions in large-scale inference problems. Some of the sessions are available on dailymotion and youtube.

    Among the topics we would like to cover in the future:  AdS-CFT correspondence, Cosmology, Black holes, Gauge theories and integrabilitybootstrap methods in CFT, Quantum information theory..

    The purpose of this seminar is to lay the foundations of a real scientific community around mathematics and fundamental physics in the Saclay / Orsay / Bures region, in particular to share with mathematicians the challenges of contemporary physics. The target audience is mathematicians and physicists, including master's or doctoral students, and postdoctoral fellows.

    For practical information, please contact: contact@fondation-hadamard.fr.



    Archive Itzykson seminary

      Itzykson seminary 2023

      published the December 6, 2023
      Séminaire Itzykson 2023 Le 11ème séminaire Itzykson, organisé par la Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard (FMJH), s'est déroulé le lundi 20 novembre 2023 à l'IHES. Il portait sur les Dénombrement de cartes : entre combinatoire, probabilités et physique théorique. Les cartes …

      Itzykson seminary 2022

      published the September 22, 2023
      2022 - The 10th Itzykson seminary "Valeurs zêtas multiples et fonctions modulaires de graphes en théorie des cordes" at IHES, Thursday, November 17, 2022 **************** Program 10h - 12h: Cours de Pierre Vanhove (IPhT) : Théorie des cordes et théorie …

      Itzykson seminary 2014

      published the September 13, 2022
      2014 : Espaces de modules et courbes quantiques

      Itzykson seminary 2012

      published the September 13, 2022
      2012 : Chaos quantique

      Itzykson seminary 2013

      published the September 13, 2022
      2013 : Wall crossing in Hitchin integrable systems vidéo 2013 : Cartes planaires et gravité quantique video1 video2

      Itzykson seminary 2016

      published the September 13, 2022
      2016 : Physique statistique hors équilibre VIDÉO Le 6ème Séminaire Itzykson - maths physique - sur le thème "Physique statistique hors équilibre" se tiendra à l'IHÉS le mercredi 12 octobre 2016. Abstracts : Thierry Bodineau (Ecole Polytechnique) "Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics …

      Itzykson 2017

      published the September 13, 2022
      2017 : Résurgence et quantification VIDEO Le 7ème Séminaire Itzykson, portant sur le thème "Résurgence et quantification" se tiendra à l'IHÉS le jeudi 20 avril 2017. Abstracts Marcos Mariño (Genève): Quantum theory and non-perturbative effects Abstract: Divergent series are ubiquitous …

      Itzykson 2018

      published the September 13, 2022
      2018 : Observables parafermioniques et physique statistique 2D VIDEO Le 8ème Séminaire Itzykson, portant sur le thème "Parafermionic observables and 2D statistical physics" s'est tenu à l'IHÉS le Lundi 22 janvier 2018. Programme ************* 10h-12h Hugo Duminil-Copin (IHES) Introduction to …