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    The FMJH runs an invitation program that enables mathematicians within its scope to invite colleagues from abroad to visit their research units. With the aim of fostering collaborations and the effective participation of guests in the scientific life of the inviting research unit, the program favors long-term invitations (1 to 6 months).

    If you are a mathematician working within the FMJH perimeter (i.e. a member of one of the FMJH-affiliated research units listed here), and would like to benefit from FMJH support to invite a colleague working abroad, you must submit an online application here.

    In the online form, you must indicate the duration of the visit (between 1 and 6 months) and justify the grant requested. The application must also include a CV of the prospective guest, a favorable opinion from the management of the inviting research unit, and a letter from you explaining the reasons for the request. In particular, it is advisable to indicate whether the guest will be teaching a course or giving a series of lectures, and to mention any planned collaborations.

    Please note that applications are examined on an ongoing basis by the FMJH steering committee, which relies on the advice of a jury. To give the jury time to examine the applications, applications must be submitted at least 14 days before the next steering committee meeting. Late applications will be examined at the next steering committee meeting (see calendar).


    Financial terms and conditions

    Applications must include an estimate of travel and accommodation costs. If the invitation project is selected:

    1. The FMJH will pay the host research unit a grant to cover the costs indicated in the project, up to a maximum of €1,500/month.

    2. The FMJH will pay the guest a per diem of €35 for the duration of his/her stay.


    If you are posted abroad and wish to benefit from this invitation program, you must contact a colleague within the FMJH perimeter (i.e. a member of one of the FMJH-affiliated research units listed here), who can submit the invitation request following the process described above.