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    Since 2019, the Paris-Saclay Campus has been home to two institutions: the Université Paris-Saclay and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. Together with national research organizations, they offer a remarkable scientific environment on this vast perimeter.

    In mathematics in particular, the level of research on the Paris-Saclay campus is world-class. In this discipline, the potential for training and research supervision is therefore exceptional, thanks to the quality and richness of the scientific environment offered on this perimeter.

    With a "mathematics and applications" master's degree and a Hadamard mathematics doctoral school (EDMH) co-accredited by the University of Paris-Saclay and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, graduate studies in mathematics has been strongly structured across the Paris-Saclay Campus since 2019.

    The FMJH's graduate program offers a number of tools to support this structured graduate studies offer in mathematics, in order to make it competitive by giving it an attractiveness and visibility commensurate with the scientific reputation of the Paris-Saclay Campus mathematics community.

    The Sophie Germain program

    The Sophie Germain program offers scholarships for excellence at Master's level, enabling around fifty students from all over the world to enter the "Mathematics and Applications" Master's program, either in the first or second year.

    A jury selects the winners according to criteria defined by the FMJH Scientific Council, with excellence at the top of the list. As this program is designed to encourage talented young people to pursue research in mathematics, candidates are asked to take particular care in drafting their study projects in their applications.

    Terms and conditions of the scholarship

    • The amount of the scholarship is €11,000 net per year.

    • This is supplemented by a flat-rate allowance to contribute to the university registration fees.

    • First-time international students also receive a flat-rate allowance of up to €2,000, calculated on a scale based on their country of origin. This lump-sum contribution is intended to cover the cost of one round trip, plus visa fees.

    • First-time international students are also offered accommodation (individual studio) in one of the halls of residence close to their place of enrolment. They will also be offered a HOUSING KIT containing all the household necessities (comforter, sheets, pots, plates, cutlery, etc.) worth approximately €100.

    • The scholarship cannot be combined with any other excellence scholarship. In case of doubt, please contact the FMJH management (contact@fondation-hadamard.fr).

    All scholarship recipients meet up at the annual Master's Days organized by the FMJH, an opportunity for them to get to know each other and learn about mathematical research on the Paris-Saclay campus.

    The FMJH also supports the "Mathematics and Applications" master's program by financing a number of specialized courses (generally taught by researchers from organizations such as INRAE, CNRS or Inria) through its thematic programs.


    Apply to a Sophie Germain scholarship

    Doctoral program

    The doctoral program provides financial support for the Ecole Doctorale Mathématiques Hadamard (EDMH). It helps to identify and raise the profile of young talent through incentive schemes. The aim is to help young people prepare for their future, whether in academic research or in the socio-economic world.

    The program


    • Contributes to the funding of individual missions by doctoral students to events with a high doctoral training content, such as summer schools, conferences with a series of mini-courses, etc., as part of theVivaldi Program,

    •  Financing of months of thesis extension. All requests must be made by the doctoral student at the 3rd-year interview or to the relevant deputy director by the end of May of the final year of the doctoral contract.

    In addition, the MathTech cross-disciplinary training program financed by the FMJH enables doctoral students who choose to follow it to prepare for their professional future, possibly outside academic research (see also the MathTech gap-year programfor a more advanced commitment in this direction). All the opportunities offered to doctoral students by the FMJH doctoral program are presented at theannual EDMH welcome day.


    Vivaldi program       PhD grants       Junior scientific visibility

    PhD Track scholarship program

    Through the PhD Track scholarship program, the FMJH aims to give special attention to high-potential international students by offering them financial support for the duration of their graduate studies, from M2 to PhD. This type of funding is comparable to that of a Phd in the USA, which lasts 4 years, with a first probationary year which in the L-M-D french system corresponds to M2.

    Apply for a PhD track scholarship