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    The Mathematical Physics program organizes the development and promotion of links between mathematics and physics within the Paris-Saclay area.


    The program:

    • Funds scientific events focusing on a mathematical physics theme and linked (sufficiently) to the Paris-Saclay perimeter. To apply for funding, click here ;

    • Cooperates with the EDMH jury in the selection of thesis funding applications that fall within the scope of its expertise ;

    • Finances invitations to foreign scientists, for periods of 1 to 3 months. To apply for funding, click here ;

    • Finance post-doctoral fellowships, via the annual call for proposals issued by the FMJH ;

    • Funds 2nd semester courses in M2 Maths of randomness (in 2017: Timothy Budd, "Annalytic combinatorics and applications", in 2018 and 2019: Bertrand Eynard, "Matrices aléatoires") ;

    • Organizes the Itzykson Seminar, each session of which deals with a "hot" topic in mathematical physics ;

    • Is involved in organizing the Journées Cartes, quarterly conferences on the theme of random cards, a theme at the crossroads of mathematical physics, probability and combinatorics.


    Please note that requests for support (for scientific events and invitations to foreign scientists) are examined on an ad hoc basis by the FMJH steering committee, which relies on the advice of the Mathematical Physics jury. To give the jury time to examine the applications, applications must be submitted at least 14 days before the Steering Committee meeting. Late applications will be examined at the next steering committee meeting (see calendar).



    Scientific Committee

    The Mathematics and Theoretical Physics program is led by Raphaël Cerf (LMO, Orsay) and Sylvain Ribault (IPhT).

    With a program committee made up of Raphaël Cerf (LMO, Orsay), Cécile Huneau (CMLS) and Sylvain Ribault (IPhT).